Spotlight On: Angie our Founder

Hi everyone and welcome to our first ever blog post!

We're so excited to launch this new part of the company where we're able to share more tips or behind the scenes with all of you. 


To kick it all off, we thought we'd start with an interview of our founder Angie Miller. She's a midwife in southern California who started this company all on her own with a desire to bring products she knew she could trust to her own clients and beyond. 


So let's get started!



What was your initial inspo for creating Rowan & Co?

I had heard that midwives can experience burnout so to keep a balance between my career and avoid that I decided to start a company for comfy and cute baby items. I started the shop as a student midwife and through the years it's just kind of grown with me!


What would you say is the best advice you've ever received?

To really let go of people's timelines or expectations and to really check in with yourself and what timeline you want. Like, I felt that I needed to have all the boxes checked by the time I was 25. The kids, the house, the marriage, all of it. But that didn't feel authentic to me and my timeline so I just learned to let it go!


What's your favorite part of your morning routine?

Hands down, quiet time with coffee within my first hour. I will wake up extra early some mornings to have that half an hour or hour of dim lights and quiet time coffee for myself. 


What are you passionate about?

I am so passionate when it comes to people being informed and respected when it comes to their healthcare. Even outside of birth, if you have a health issue your provider should listen to you and value what your concern is. 100%.




That's all for now! 

We know this one was short but we didn't want to make our first one too long! We hope you enjoyed it and can't wait to share more! 


See you soon,
The Rowan Team

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